Spring ‘21
Prof. Jesse Seegers
NYU | Tandon | TCS | IDM

Tuesdays & Thursdays
10h00 - 11h50 EST

Design a Flag

e-deologies, 2020, Dye Sublimation Print on Polyester, each 60 x 36", Joshua Citarella


  • Create a new Adobe Illustrator file with an artboard of 5 inches width and 3 inches height
  • Using your knowledge of vector graphics (fills and strokes, simple shapes, the pathfinder tool) design a flag, any flag
  • Keep it abstract and simple!
  • Post to the channel #exercise-flag-design: an Adobe Illustrator (.ai) file and a PNG file (File->Export As)
  •     IMPORTANT: remember to name your file lastname, firstname - exercise name.ai

Use this exercise to further explore Adobe Illustrator and its functions, as well as review our Color Theory and Relativity knowledge

For reference, consult:
    1. this online flag designer tool:
    2. This 99% Percent Invisible podcast about flag designers (vexillology):
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