Spring ‘21
Prof. Jesse Seegers
NYU | Tandon | TCS | IDM

Tuesdays & Thursdays
10h00 - 11h50 EST

Tuesday, April 27 —
Menu/Screen Draft 2: Prototype (Group A)


Crit Thoughtz:
  • For 15 minutes, on your own, please read (or re-read) the 3 pages on howtocrit.com, including:
    - The purpose of a crit
    - How to give one
    - How to receive one

    Critique is giving a gift: the gift of insight.

    Like a pair of glasses, they allow you to see things in greater focus that were previously blurry.

    Write one paragraph response to process your understanding of the method of critique, post it to #crit-thoughtz.

  • Group A one-on-one desk critiques with Professor

New Peer-to Peer Crit
For the remainder of roughly an hour in class, self organize and do the following:

For everyone in Group B, I want you to give critiques as comments in Figma.

For Everyone in Group A, have your Figma file open and work in it. When someone joins, you can start a discussion (critique) by leaving comments.

Who you give critique to, and receive critique from, is completely up to you: consider, if someone looks like they are trying to do something in Figma that you have done or attempted, show them how or point them to resources (e.g. Youtube tutorials provided by Figma)

Send a Ticket to Leave at the end of class


  1. Group B Draft 2 critique on Thursday.
  2. Group A work on Screen Menu Project Final Draft in one week.

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