Spring ‘21
Prof. Jesse Seegers
NYU | Tandon | TCS | IDM

Tuesdays & Thursdays
10h00 - 11h50 EST

Tuesday, Feb. 2 —
Gestalt Theory & Visual Form

Readings For This Class:

  • Letters from the previous student cohort


  • Introductions v2
  • Creator Show and Tell (example): Emory Douglas
  • Visual Lecture: Gestalt
  • Groups A and B for Logo Project
  • Choose Creator Show and Tell Partners
  • Ticket to Leave


  1. Download and install Adobe Creative Cloud (specifically Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Acrobat). Open each program and make sure it is installed correctly, since we'll be diving in and introducing Illustrator and Photoshop next class. Instructions for free access via NYU IT
  2. Read Chapter 1 from A Primer of Visual Literacy by Donis A. Dondis By next class, take a screenshot of a passage you'd like to discuss in next week's class, upload it to #reading-primer_of_visual_literacy with a sentence or two about why you chose that passage. . Some prompts:
    1. I found this interesting/surprising because...
    2. I disagree with this because...
    3. This made me think of something else [from another class, context]
    4. respond to another students' comments
    5. highlight a passage
  3. Read the Color chapter from Ellen Lupton's Graphic Design: The New Basics - you do not need to write a reading response, just skim it as an introduction to the following class's topic.
  4. Skim the Munsell Color book.
  5. Start working with your partner(s) (below) on your Creator Show and Tells. We'll start on Thursday

Further Reading

    1. Laws of Organization in Perceptual Forms Max Wertheimer
    2. A Language of Signs and Symbols Bruno Munari
    3. The Triangle Bruno Munari
    4. worldswritingsystems.org

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